For Curators

We are now open for fabulous curators to take over the account a week at a time; please take the time to find out more about what we’re looking for below then fill out this form with your details.

Who are we looking for?

Anyone who identifies themselves as working within the scope of the humanities.  This might include the following fields but if yours isn’t listed here apply anyway – a diverse range of guest editors will hopefully make the account even more interesting: Literature, History, Classics, Archaeology, Performing Arts, Languages, Philosophy

We’re looking for a variety of researchers and practitioners who might include but definitely aren’t limited to:

academics and PhD researchers
booksellers, librarians and museum workers
authors, artists and gallery workers
teachers, tutors and outreach workers
actors, theatre practitioners and directors
translators and linguists

Why should I get involved?

Because you love what you do and want to share it with more people.
Because you believe that you have something to offer a non-specialist audience.

What will be expected from curators?

To be yourself – tweet as you usually do, focussing on your connection to the humanities.
To tweet regularly and to encourage conversations with and between followers.
To guard the password and to hand over promptly to the next curator.
To help promote the account – the account should to reach as many people from as diverse backgrounds and places as possible.
Not to troll or be hostile on the account.  Feel free to block but pick your battles.  There will always be detractors but it’s worth bearing in mind the saying ‘don’t wrestle a pig: you’ll both get dirty and the pig will enjoy it’.

Full details will be sent to curators when they are booked.

How will your schedule the curators?

Our first method will be on a first come, first served basis.  From this foundation we will also try to schedule a variety of tweeters (for example in terms of their discipline, job, gender and location).  We will also take into account curators’ recommendations of when they tweet, for example if there is an awareness week that would particularly suit their contribution.

Why might I not be chosen?

The account should reflect the diversity of the humanities and so we will aim for a balance across disciplines.  If we get, for example, a high volume of interested for Literature PhDs we might have to put some of them on the waiting list in favour of other disciplines.  We don’t want to say no to anybody but, depending on how many people volunteer their services, we might have to put some applications in the ‘future’ pile.  We’re also looking to involve a range of people from different countries, universities and backgrounds including people from less-represented groups within disciplines.

All that said, what we’re looking for above all are passionate people who want to share their experience of the humanities.  Akin to movements like @artsemergency this account is founded on the knowledge that the humanities matter to cultures and individuals and on a will to share our experiences and research with as wide an audience as possible.

How do I apply?

By filling out this online form.  At the moment it’s hard to give an estimate of how long it will take us to get back to you (it will depend on how many applications we get).  We’d like to start the guest editing as soon as possible but it’s also important to get a healthy tranche of people following the account for the first curator.

How else can I help?

By encouraging more people to follow the account (who will hopefully mention it to their followers too).  You can do this by tweeting, emailing your colleagues or, a personal favourite, shoe-horning it awkwardly into everyday conversations.

If you know a high-profile humanities twitterer you can point out the account to them and encourage them to get in touch to curate.  Having one or two ‘big names’ early on might help boost the popularity of the account, making it even more beneficial for subsequent guest editors.

You can also support us by helping to administrate the account.  It’s not a big job but it will be easier if it’s not just two people.  Email if you think you might be able to lend a hand.

10 thoughts on “For Curators

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    • Peter – thanks for your comment. The description isn’t very clear – what we meant was ‘literature in English’, or to be more precise ‘literature in Englishes’ – which in Britain at least is often abbreviated to ‘English literature’. This is purely because it’s an English-language project but that hasn’t stopped past curators discussing texts in other languages that have been translated (or translating lines from them that can then be discussed by tweeters). I hope this clears it up for you – I’ve changed the description to say ‘literature’ now as the ‘English’ seems unnecessary.

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