What is We The Humanities?

A rotation curation Twitter account showcasing the creativity and diversity of the humanities and reiterating the fact that the humanities are more widely important than current public funding suggests.

Each week there will be a new tweeter curating the account.  They’ll tweet about what they do within the field and what their interests are, encouraging conversations with an audience that will hopefully cover everyone from the lifetime specialists to the mildly curious.

Who is it for?

Everyone on Twitter who can read English.  Its aims are to engage with people from around the world, exposing them to research, experience and ideas they perhaps didn’t know existed, and to reiterate the place of the humanities in our cultures.

This account is English-language but I would encourage other people to set up sister accounts in other languages.

How was it set up?

Like most things on Twitter, by an innocuous tweet.  On 5th January @Jessisreading80 asked a few people “Does anyone know of a humanities equivalent to @realscientists & if not would you be interested?” and it snowballed from there.

It’s currently just being administrated by me (Jess) and Krissie (@krisreadsbooks).  If you’d like to help administrate the account or the blog, or think you can offer help in any other way please contact us at wethehumanities@gmail.com.  If you’d like to be a curator please check out the details here.

Disclaimer: the views expressed on this blog are the views of named posters and not those of the administrators.  The views expressed at the @wethehumanities Twitter account are those of the weekly guest editor and not those of the administrator or previous/subsequent curators.


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