30th March – 6th April, Jeremy Solomons (USA)

We’ve got a new website, where you can find curators’ blog posts as well as more about the project (and requests for your involvement!): www.wethehumanities.org

Welcome, @jcsolomons, who’ll be giving us a glimpse into his research on Anglo-Jewish theatre. Jeremy began his education in STEM and his career since then has taken in teaching, bookshop-managing and theatre. He’s known to 2/3 of the WtH team through the Readibg connection and we’re delighted that he’s submitted to our badgering and agreed to curate. Perhaps we can pester/encourage you to join in too? Find out more here.

My personal blog is called Crossing Borders.  The title originated in secondary school biology class and it is a title that has grown ever closer to my life.  I crossed to the Atlantic to live in Brookline, Massachusetts, 3,281 miles from where I grew up in North London.  Brookline is one of the US towns with the most doctorates per capita, and to do my part I am working on my PhD closer to where I grew up at the University of Reading.  My topic is Anglo-Jewish theatre, which draws together several of the interests I have collected having crossed national, language and cultural borders.

My first job was at an arts centre in Kentish Town working at a Jewish theatre festival, followed by a BSc in Botany atthe University of Durham, then traveling from one end of England and Wales to the other working as a stage manager, actor, and director in theatres large and small, and finally settling into community arts work in Gloucestershire.  When I moved to Boston, I ended up teaching English–literature, writing and some drama–in colleges and universities, and eventually, I studied for my MA in English Literature at U Mass Boston where I became fascinated with literature and poetry in translation.  That is where I thought my doctorate subject matter would come from, but in the end, I settled into my current topic, which feels like coming home. 

I am excited to have the chance to curate @wethehumanities, and I hope we can talk about theatre, how we choose identities for ourselves, and how important the humanities are within and outside academia.  I am sure we will also touch on: books, my last job was as a book store manager; music, including British punk, folk and jazz;and job hunting, my current, and hopefully temporary career. 

Oh, and I am also quite involved in social media.

 I am experimenting in other realms:

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