23rd – 30th March, Nina (UK)

This week we welcome Nina, who’ll be bringing a perspective on the humanities that’s informed by her own educational experiences and her position as working in a university’s administration.  I’m especially looking forward to hearing her take on academia’s widening participation agendas – something that chimes with the We the Humanities project.
My name is Nina and you can normally find me at @ninabrighton. I love my home of Brighton and I work for the local university in the Philanthropy office. I also study at a vocational college. I am studying towards an Award in Education and Training (previously known as PTTLLS). I will be studying BA Philosophy, Politics and Art from September onwards. I returned to education in my thirties. As a result I am interested in student engagement – particularly engagement with people from widening participation backgrounds and accessibility of education. I had previously worked in finance and I spent ten years trying to get out of it, so I now work in a university spending my days looking at numbers (so I’m gradually getting out!).
I am new to academia. I do wonder if my reluctance to associate myself with academia is due to my inexperience or lack of confidence. I grew up in a household that did not value education because it was not for the likes of us. Class is something I often reflect upon and include in my writing.
I am passionate about art (including how people define art and what people consider art). A trip to a museum and being moved by a video installation inspired me to apply to university. I have a tattoo on my arm inspired by the works of Eyvind Earle and Conrad Roset. I have a tattoo on my thigh based on a Jean Marembert illustration. Art excites me, I remember taking a school trip to an art college when I was twelve and thinking that art students look cool and probably get to travel. Now I am older I realise the student life isn’t all fun and games – but I do remember the feeling that art could open up the world to me.
While curating @wethehumanities I will be tweeting about philanthropy, the highs and lows of my college course and I’ll throw in some images I love to look at for good measure.

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