23rd – 29th February Adam Whittaker (UK)

This week we turn to music theory, courtesy of @awhittakermusic.  I’ve never heard of Tinctoris, the focus of his research, but I’m looking forward to finding out more (and it feels like a handy name to know for watching University Challenge).  In common with many of our curators, Adam’s interests are interdisciplinary, so even if if music theory is as new to you as it is to me I hope you’ll join us for a week of brain-expanding discussions. 

Hello everyone! My name is Adam Whittaker, and I’m very much looking forward to curating @WetheHumanities on the week beginning 23rd February. You can follow me @awhittakermusic.

I am currently a PhD student at Birmingham Conservatoire, working on a project on medieval and Renaissance music theory. My PhD focusses on the fifteenth-century music theorist, Johannes Tinctoris (c. 1435–1511), who is a key figure in music theory from the end of the fifteenth-century. My research engages with the wider history and traditions of music theory, and I have a particular interest in music theory from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, as well as medieval and Renaissance music more generally. I’m also interested in opera and jazz, and work as a conductor.

During my curation week, I hope to have fruitful discussions about the role of music theory, things that it can tell us about musical cultures of the past, the value of digital manuscript repositories, and many other things medieval and Renaissance. I also hope to have discussions about interdisciplinary research, being a PhD student and look forward to many interesting conversations over the week!


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