16th – 23rd February – Jennifer Rushworth (UK)

This week we return to the UK to meet @JFRushworth who currently holds one of the hotly-contested JRF posiitons at Oxford University.  Proving once again that the humanities won’t sit still in one pigeonhole, she’ll be discussing interdisciplinarity as well as what it means to be a post-doc in the UK.  I’m also hoping she’ll chat about her experiences of studying at Oxford and I’m looking forward to hearing about her take on public engagement.

Hello! My name is Jennifer Rushworth, and I am excited to be taking over @WetheHumanities this week, which I usually follow from my own account @JFRushworth.

I am a Junior Research Fellow in Medieval and Modern Languages at St John’s College, Oxford, and typically work across comparative literature and (perhaps) reception studies. My DPhil thesis (completed 2013) was entitled ‘Discourses of Mourning in Dante, Petrarch, and Proust’. My current project is provisionally named ‘Transformations of Petrarch from Sade to Proust’ and considers the reception (‘transformation’) of Petrarch in nineteenth-century French culture, particularly through translation, biography, criticism, poetic rewriting, and novelisation. I am torn between a passion for modern French literature (in particular, as is evident, Proust) and a fondness for the distant medieval world of encyclopaedic knowledge and courtly love.

During my curation I hope to ask questions about topics including: the role and future of comparative literature; interdisciplinarity; studying canonical authors; making the transition from graduate to post-doc; the rewards and challenges of public engagement. I look forward to a productive and interesting dialogue with many of you.


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