19th – 26th January – Kirsty Strang

Glasgow-based researcher Kirsty Strang is our curator this week.  She’ll be discussing her work on Scottish literature and culture and taking us all to Manchester for an archiving workshop.  She also works at the Hunterian gallery and will be talking about how this intersects with her work on material culture and the relationship between literature and national identity.

Hi, my name is Kirsty Strang – you can find my personal account at @Kirsty_Strang. I’m really excited to take the reins at @WetheHumanities this week! I am currently undertaking my PhD in Scottish Literature and Culture at the University of Glasgow, although I have a background in music events management. I’m currently trying to maintain a balance between the two – any advice there?

My thesis is provisionally entitled ‘Locating Literary Memory in Post-Industrial Glasgow’ and sets out to explore theories of cultural and collective memory through the representation of areas in the city that have been redeveloped as a result of deindustrialisation. Part of this project also includes examining these literary and artistic representations of the city through their development in various public campaigns and festivals, such as ‘Glasgow’s Miles Better’ (1982), the Garden Festival (1988), ‘City of Culture’ (1990) and the Commonwealth Games (2014).

During my postgraduate career I’ve been working in Glasgow University’s Hunterian Art Gallery and Museum, presenting public talks on Glaswegian painting, photography and literature. I’d be particularly interested in connecting with other researchers who have had similar experiences, or those who would like to find a way to carry out similar events in their own academic environment!

Generally, I am excited to talk and tweet about national literature(s) in a global context, material culture, public engagement and using non-academic experiences to shape our research. I’ll also be tweeting around an archiving workshop at Manchester’s People’s History Museum so it would be great to hear about similar activities.


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