24-30 November, Ben Fast

This week, we have Ben Fast (@benfaster) tweeting from Canada, where he will be discussing his interest in museums and heritage tourism, and being very organised about his tweeting – so look out for those days when you would like to join in the conversation!

Hi, my name is Ben Fast and normally I tweet over at @benfaster. I’m excited to join We the Humanities as the first Canadian curator to talk about my interest, research, and experiences in museums and heritage tourism! I may also be the youngest curator yet at the ripe old age of 23, but who’s counting anyways?

My interest in museums comes from my passion for sharing history. I graduated with a BA in History (with honours) from the University of Victoria in the Spring of 2014 and moved straight into my current MA in Tourism Management studies at Royal Roads University, both located in the beautiful city of Victoria on Canada’s west coast. My reasons for taking a tourism degree are because I want to learn how to better share the stories in our museums and to facilitate the growth of those institutions during today’s changing global economic climate. My MA graduate research paper topic is yet to be nailed down completely but will likely be about museum development and capacity building, or community engagement outside the museum’s four walls.

I have worked and volunteered in museums in Canada (Craigdarroch Castle, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Royal BC Museum) and France (Juno Beach Centre), often through the UVic Humanities Co-op Education program. I am a firm believer in co-operative education and paid internships as they have exposed me to roles ranging from tour guide to events co-ordinator and have helped me build up both experience and contact networks. In today’s work environment, getting paid work experience is vital for humanities students. I just got back from a field school research trip to the UK where I explored the possibility of doing my MA internship in UK museums, and I will talk more about that during the week. Outside of school and museums, I’m a musician, photographer, writer, sports fan, traveller, and postcard collector.

During my week as curator of We the Humanities, I want to explore many aspects of the modern museum and how the humanities is presented to the public. I have a schedule to kick-start discussion, but I look forward to being led off-topic and exploring new avenues with you. I’m also very happy to be supported by some Canadian museums who have donated prizes which I will give away throughout the week! While I look forward to highlighting some of the great work being done in Canadian museums, I’m also interested in engaging a global audience to compare museum work around the world, and explore the topic from all aspects of the humanities of course.

Day 1: Education and Programming
Day 2: Community Outreach and Social Media
Day 3: Partnerships and Collaboration
Day 4: Internships and Professional Development
Day 5: Events
Day 6: Exhibits and Technology
Day 7: Recap, general discussion, links and networking

I’m looking forward to tweeting with you over the coming week! If we’re in different time zones, you can catch up with my daily re-cap blogs at http://benfast.ca.

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