3rd – 10th November, Eva Moreda Rodriguez

Meet Eva Moreda Rodriguez, AKA @thedrrodriguez, who’ll be using her week as a @wethehumanities curator to talk about her work on musicology, Francoism, penny whistling and creative writing.

Hello from rainy Scotland! I am Eva Moreda Rodriguez and I am a LKAS Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Music at the University of Glasgow. I am currently finishing a monograph dealing with how Spanish exiled composers made their way back into Francoism (the same regime they had fled from during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939) between the late 1940s and 1975. My research so far has been concerned with the political and cultural history of music in twentieth-century Spain: I wrote my thesis (soon to be published as a monograph) on music criticism and the musical press in early Francoism.

I have played instruments from a very young age (piano and cello first, now mostly singing and pennywhistle), but it is not easy for me to explain why I am a musicologist. I have been lucky enough that my research so far has allowed me to engage with topics I am interested in (displacement, politics, religion, creativity, writing), but I can picture myself working in other academic disciplines (with a preference for Literature, Classics, History, Linguistics or Religious Studies) had I taken a slightly different path in certain moments in my life. My first degree was in Classics, I worked as a translator for several years and I am a published creative writer in Galician who is now trying to write her first novel in English.

I’m hoping to tweet quite a lot about displacement – both in terms of researching displacement as a Humanities academic and been a displaced academic myself -, about writing – both academic and non-academic, and about the overlaps between the two. I also plan to tweet about whatever I’m listening to or reading during my curation week – I cannot imagine my life without music or books.


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