20th – 27th October 2014 Sarah Laseke

This week’s curator can teach us a thing or two about country hopping – she’s studying at a Dutch university from the UK.  I’m looking forward to hearing her thoughts about balancing work and studies as well as her research in medieval manuscripts.  

Hello everyone, I’m Sarah Laseke and I live in Oxford. I am an external PhD Student at Leiden University, the Netherlands. My thesis focuses on late medieval manuscript production. In particular, I am looking at how scribes worked together to copy manuscripts and to what extent their working methods show patterns of organisation.

I usually tweet as @aclerktherwas and my tweets revolve around medieval manuscripts and being a PhD student. I am very much looking forward to tweeting for @WetheHumanities. I’m planning to tweet about my experiences of having studied at different universities in different countries, balancing a PhD with a part-time job, working on an artefact-based PhD, volunteering and completing internships during a PhD, teaching and curating exhibitions. All of these topics are very important to me and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and to starting engaging conversations with the WetheHumanities followers.


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