13th – 20th October Kim Martin

Meet Kim Martin, aka @antimony27.  She’ll be talking to us about humanities education and the habits of Digital Humanities scholars (I’m imagining David Attenborough doing the voiceover).  I’m especially looking forward to hearing about digital and physical archival serendipity – those moments of discovery that make that last however many days of fruitless searching worthwhile.

Hello to everyone from London (no, not that London) Ontario! I’m Kim Martin, a 4th year PhD student in Library and Information Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. I usually tweet from @antimony27, and am the Project Manager for @diggingdh, a five year SSHRC funded study on the communication and research habits of digital humanities scholars.  I’m also the Chief Instigator and Co-founder, along with @Ryan__Hunt and @Beth_Compton, of the Digital Humanities MakerBus, which is Canada’s first mobile makerspace and technology classroom.

My dissertation work looks at the research habits of digital historians, their use of the library and archives, and the experience of serendipity as it occurs in both the physical and digital landscape. My academic background is in English and History, and in what feels like a past life I once studied the Lord Mayor’s Day pageants in London (yes, that London) under Queen Elizabeth I and King James I.

My work with the MakerBus and immersion into the world of Digital Humanities has helped to cultivate a growing interest in the public side of humanities work. I work to advocate for humanities education and am currently implementing a local chapter of 4Humanities in London. I recently spoke at ACCESS 2014 (a conference for systems librarians) about the importance of Public Digital Humanities and the need for scholars and librarians to work together for the preservation and continued access to web-based humanities projects. With this still fresh in my mind then, I’ll be tweeting all week with links to different DH projects, and questions concerning the importance of humanities education, critical thinking, and public awareness. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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