6th – 13th October     William Lau

The question of translation is an interesting one – both of text and of culture. This week we welcome William Lau (@william_ollau) tweeting about translating, for work and for fun, and the cultural events, museums and exhibitions of Hong Kong. Join us for the week for a different insight into the city that’s been haunting the front page this month.

Hello everyone! I’m William, and I’m from Hong Kong. I studied for my BA in Lingnan University, and MA in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, both in Translation. Having a keen interest too in history and the humanities, and in exploring more of the British language and culture, I got my MA in Antiquity (Egyptology) at the University of Birmingham in 2011.

Before studying in the UK, I worked as an instructor, TV programme scriptwriter, translator, and technical writer. After coming back from my MA studies in the UK, I have worked as an international news translator, and I have been back to the technical writing field since last year.

Unlike some previous curators, my working experience is less a part of the academic circle. I believe, however, one thing we may have in common is that we both love reading. My reading interests mainly (and undoubtedly) cover humanities topics, including history, literature, and sometimes philosophy. Other than reading, I also do some editing work, and translate some articles in Wikipedia (mostly from English to Chinese) in my leisure time.

I’m not that frequent a tweeter, but I still hope you will all find my tweets fun.


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