15th – 22nd September Cristóbal del Castillo Camus

This week we head to Chile for the first (but hopefully not last!) time with multilinguist and and historian @cristobaleando. Plus we’ll be getting a behind-the-scenes perspective at the museum he works and he’ll be sharing the Chilean National Day with us.

Hello everyone! My name is Cristóbal del Castillo Camus, and I am from Santiago, Chile. I did a BA in History at Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and I am looking forward to continue my academic formation soon. In the meantime, I am working as a Historian at a local, public museum in Santiago. Most of the work I do involves transcribing documents, researching about the objects donated to the museum and writing everything you see over there (from the information tags to the information uploaded to social networks). Despite working with mainly mainstream 19th century Chilean History; I must say that my true passion is the Central European 20th century History and its links with Southern Cone countries (i.e., Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay), specially through a social and cultural history view. In fact, one of my dissertation works at University was about the Chilean mainstream media perception of the Solidarity movement during 1980, which was the same year in which there was a referendum to approve the current Chilean constitution.

I also have a strong interest in languages and linguistics. I studied English philology for two years and I have learned French, German and some Italian. At the moment, I am strictly focused on learning Polish and after a recent trip to Poland; I must say I am very impressed with my skills.
During this week, I will propose you to talk about different subjects, such as construction of national identities (especially since on Sept 18th, it is Chilean national day), the Cold War in the Periphery, languages (focusing on dialects and second language learning), secularism, among other topics we may come across during this week.


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