Curators Wanted (yes, we’re looking at you)

From @academicjess:

Since our launch in February we have been thoroughly spoiled by the wonderful people who’ve come from more than a dozen countries and many of the far-flung corners of the humanities to offer their ideas, interests and work as weekly curators of the account.  As a result of their generosity we’ve got curators scheduled through to November but since we’ve (finally!) reached the end of our list of people who’ve put themselves forwards we wanted to try and spread the word a bit further.

Curation is open to anyone happy tweeting in English who identifies themselves as having a link to the humanities.  We’d also love to reflect more of the diversity of the discipline, with curators from outside of academia and from inside lesser known jobs or subjects.

Whoever you are, if you’re interested in tweeting about what you do we’re interested in hearing from you.  You can find out more and put yourself forward here.

If you’ve already curated for us I’m afraid you’re not off the hook either: please share this post and/or the poster (link below) as far and wide as you can so that others can join our illustrious band of curators.

And whilst I’m here – a big thank you to everyone who’s following the account and chatting to the curators.  Every week we get an enthusiastic email from the outgoing tweeter telling us what a great time they’ve had and that’s down to you.  Thanks for taking part!

Curators Wanted


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