14/07 – 20/07 Meg Rosenburg

This week the humanities meets the sciences with Meg Rosenburg, aka @trueanomolies, who’s spent the last week curating for @realscientists. She’s had a fabulous reception over there and we’re very excited to see what she does with her week with us.

Hi there! I’m a recent Ph.D. graduate from the California Institute of Technology and I normally tweet at @trueanomalies. When I first heard about @WetheHumanities, I was very happy to see a co-curated Twitter account go in this direction, because I feel it has a lot of potential to open a window into the lives of academics working within the humanities. I’ve greatly enjoyed the previous curators and I’ve been introduced to other fields and careers about which I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to learn otherwise.

While my Ph.D. is in planetary science, I’ve been working in parallel with faculty in the History and Philosophy of Science division at Caltech on historical research into lunar crater theories, mostly in the early 20th century. By some cosmic coincidence, I was asked to curate @realscientists – a popular rotating account curated by scientists and science communicators – just last week, and this juxtaposition makes for a rather fitting metaphor for my life at the moment! Coming from science to the history of science has been challenging over the past few years, and the online community of historians of science and technology (#histsci, #histtech, #twitterstorians) has been a great source of encouragement and inspiration.

During my week at @WetheHumanities, I plan to share a bit about my research, as well as my efforts to incorporate history of science principles into science communication strategies. I’m looking forward to a great week – thank you so much for joining me!


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