26/05 – 02/06 Katie Rose Pipkin

Meet your next curator, artist, gardener and itchy-footed traveller, Katie Rose Pipkin. She’s just been curating a big show which I’m hoping she’ll talk about, and is interested in tensions between understandings of physical and virtual worlds. Feel free to leave questions for her here or tweet her at @wethehumanities from 10am BST ON Monday.

Hello Humans!

I am a young artist and curator working across media, with a focus on digital connectivity and net-art futures. I make drawings on paper and on the internet. I grew up in the woods, spent my adolescence in the suburbs, and have since migrated back to the woods.

My focus at University of Texas was Art and Art History with a minor in Philosophy (my thesis work was on gender and aesthetics). I keep a succulent garden and cook, and travel as often as I am able. I have a tabby cat and spend a large amount of time on the Internet and in books. I operate with a DIY attitude that is often helpful and sometimes gets me in trouble. There is no place like home, and home is a tidy desktop environment.

I am currently playing with ideas regarding the intersectionality of video-game landscapes and the physical environment. I am particularly tickled by the conceptual scale-shift that happens when thinking of the outside (big, unconstrained) as opposed to the virtual outside (small, contained within a screen). This is in opposition to the fact that such virtual worlds, if rendered into physical space, would bury the human earth thousands of times over. So far my meanderings have resulted in 6 foot wide tapestries of collaged video-game worlds; print-on-demand plates, mugs and other ceramic vessels with ‘idealized’ google streetview images; a 50 foot by 6 inch looping ‘eternal mountain’, generated by software used to map heavenly bodies as well as gaming backgrounds, and printed on a modified laserjet printer; a 2-evening performance of a baroque reinterpretation of the pokemon world; a solid pile of sketches.

I make drawings with my hands, the internet, and sometimes my words. I’m interested in fragments, remnants, memory, and working along the fault lines. This week, I’ll be discussing some of the ideas and questions that are generated by this sort of play. I’m looking forward to talking with you!


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