05/05 – Stacey Bagdi

This week depart academia and get behind the scenes at the museum – Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and the Pen Museum, to be precise.  As Stacey’s able to tweet at work I’m especially looking forward to hearing what the day-to-day work is like at a museum as well as hearing about studying abroad, volunteering as a way into humanities work and lots of Egyptology snippets.
Hello! My name is Stacey Anne Bagdi and I will be tweeting from Birmingham in the United Kingdom! I am so grateful for We The Humanities for creating this huge platform to expand my networks and grow confident as a future curator in the making!
I recently graduated (Oct 2013) with an MA in Egyptology from The University of Leiden, The Netherlands and prior that I graduated with a 2.1 BA with hons in Archaeology and Ancient History at The University of Birmingham. I mainly specialise in Ancient Egyptian religion. The dream one day will be working in Egypt managing their museum collections, preferably in Cairo Museum or the GEM. Dreaming big of course…
After graduating and returning from the best year of my life in Holland, I knew I was returning to a job in retail. However after getting a Masters under my belt, I definitely thought it is now time to kick start my career and get out of the job I had since I was 18! So I started volunteering at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in the curatorial department under the curator of World Cultures, Mr Adam Jaffer. He took me on straight away and after knowing I specialised in Egyptology gave me most of the Egyptological work to do. At first I did all the admin tasks but since then I have assisted with object handling, object labelling and a de-installation of the Egyptian Gallery.In addition to that I started volunteering at The Pen Museum in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter, right in the heart of the city centre. The Pen Museum compared to Birmingham Museum is a lot smaller and everyone who works there are all volunteers. I started volunteering there as their Learning Co-ordinator. As the museum is small we hope to bring in more money by increasing school visits. So far I have got the ball rolling and will be there once a week to not only assist with the every day front of house duties but over the next few weeks I will be making new plans for school visits, devising structured programs and booking school visits.

I did both of these volunteer opportunities alongside my retail job over the Christmas period; it did go a bit crazy as I found myself working/volunteering from the early hours of the morning to very late at night. I then saw a job offer at Birmingham Museum for a front of house position. I knew I had to apply already working in the museum gave me that advantage but I was just so ready to move on with my museum career than serving people at tills. After getting the interview, I finally got the job! I still continue volunteering alongside my new job because I love it getting the experience and it keeps me busy!

Therefore as you can see I am very much starting my career but setting up Twitter was the best thing for me after graduating as it has allowed me to make new friends and strong networks and be more aware of the world of museums and humanities in general. I usually tweet about museums/archaeology/Egyptology or anything I find that is intriguing or something I just wish to share with the world.

I will be working at the various museums during my week so I will be tweeting live from the museum, hopefully increasing awareness of their collections and sparking interest. I will also be asking advice and questions on the world of humanities and museums at present. I look forward to your intellectual replies but most importantly, interacting with great people who love doing what their doing! Thank you, see you Monday!


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