28/04 – 05/05/14 Wendy Davis

Humanities friends – please welcome our next @wethehumanities curator.  Although she has a PhD, her week will take us a step away from academia and into Library and Information Science – a first for this account.  I’m also looking forward to her insights into education and librarianship in Australia and maybe a glimpse or two of some sunny Bundaberg beaches for the heat-deprived Northern Europeans among us (and perhaps the town’s famous rum too?).

Hello everyone.

My name is Wendy Davis and I’m really looking forward to curating We the Humanities from April 28, 2014. I live in Bundaberg, which is about four hours drive north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

I completed a PhD in cultural studies in 2007. My PhD was about television’s technological liveness, comedy with a specific focus Australian television. Basically it was a lot of textual analysis through a poststructuralist theoretical lens. Foucault, Deleuze, Bakhtin and others were my people. At the same time, I was working as a lecturer at CQUniversity in their university bridging program here in Bundaberg. I taught the mechanics of basic academic writing and research, as well as other tertiary preparation skills to adults returning to university.

Cultural studies wasn’t my first or last encounter with humanities. On leaving high school I completed a classical music undergraduate degree majoring in piano. I still teach the piano and work as an accompanist here in Bundaberg where I live. This arts practice is an important part of my identity as well.

Currently, I am in a period of transition. In a leap of faith, I left my permanent lecturing position at the end of last year. In 2011 I began a coursework Masters through QUT in Library and Information Science. In doing so, I have formalized my love and fascination with social media and have a burgeoning interest in the digital humanities. I plan to finish the Masters this year and who knows what will happen next.

I hope to use my time curating We the Humanities to start some conversations about the state of humanities teaching and research in Australia. I’d love to talk about working in the humanities outside of metropolitan areas and hear about the experiences of others. And I’d love to learn as much as I can from scholars in the digital humanities both in Australia and from around the world.


One thought on “28/04 – 05/05/14 Wendy Davis

  1. Your previous course in Australia sounds useful for returning adult learners. Can you post a pointer to useful materials on academic writing?

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