Call for Curators

We are very excited to announce that are search for curators has officially begun!

If you’re interested in tweeting from the We The Humanities account for a week, sharing your interests and/or work and sparking discussions with followers, then you can find out more and sign up here.

We’re looking for as varied a bunch of guest editors as possible so please share this call as widely as you can.  Anyone who identifies themselves as doing something that comes under the banner of the humanities is very welcome.  Ideally we’d like to get three months’ of curators lined up before we launch so we’re not scrabbling around for contributors.

If you’ve got any questions that aren’t answered in the ‘For Curators’ section you can email us at  The account is currently being managed by two part-time PhD researchers with the usual litany of responsibilities; you might not get an immediate response but we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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